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MD & Co. Café

MD & Co. Cafe, a premier destination for specialty tea, was born from a deep understanding of the evolving needs, preferences, and expectations of our rapidly expanding customer base. More than just a beverage, tea embodies a universal language, a social gathering, and the essential fuel for every morning. At MD & Co. Cafe, tea, coffee, and chapatis aren't merely products; they're our passion.

Each day brings a new opportunity to delight our diverse clientele, and we take pride in offering a consistently superior product that exceeds the standards set by other cafes in Dubai. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our team of professionals, who infuse every aspect of our operation with a commitment to excellence.


Everyone who is part of the team is inspired by our vision to work towards the goal of making the cafe renowned for its skill in tea and various related offerings.


Our mission statement directs the staff to provide consumers with a distinctive experience in a modern and welcoming setting.