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Silver Waves Real Estate Broker

In our team of Property brokers, each member possesses qualifications equivalent to real estate agents, with additional expertise that goes beyond the standard agent training. Essentially, our brokers can handle all the responsibilities of an agent and then some.

While real estate agents typically operate under a broker or brokerage firm, our brokers have the autonomy to work independently. In a real estate transaction, both agents and brokers collaborate, but the broker takes on a pivotal role by "brokering" the deal to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Our team excels in tasks such as locating properties for buyers, drafting and submitting offers, and overseeing the closing process. Beyond the typical agent responsibilities, we also navigate the financial and legal intricacies of real estate transactions. For instance, our brokers can manage money transfers into and out of escrow accounts and mediate legal issues related to contracts, providing a comprehensive and adept approach to real estate dealings.