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Mada Tech Middle East LLC-FZ LLC-FZ

Mada Tech Middle East LLC-FZ LLC-FZ stands as a premier supplier of cutting-edge computer, mobile, accessories, and hardware components in the Middle East. Founded on principles of innovation and quality, Mada Tech has built a reputation synonymous with reliability, quality products, and satisfied clientele. Catering to diverse needs across educational, governmental, corporate, and individual sectors, Mada Tech recognizes the ever-growing demand for computers in modern workplaces and homes.

Despite stiff competition in the computer assembly industry, particularly in bustling hubs like Dubai, where computer maintenance and networking services often fall short, smaller enterprises must distinguish themselves through superior offerings. Mada Tech acknowledges the necessity for dedicated professionals to efficiently network and service entire operations on contractual terms, filling a crucial gap in the market.

Their product range spans various computer and electronic items, including hardware components encompassing motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, monitors, and peripherals like mice and keyboards. Renowned brands like Intel, known for their robust and innovative hardware solutions, are prominently featured in their offerings.

In addition, Mada Tech specializes in laser-based printers and related products, providing comprehensive solutions for printing needs in conjunction with computers and associated devices. With a vision to lead the computer hardware solutions market in the Middle East, Mada Tech aspires to be recognized for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their mission is centered on empowering clients to achieve their goals swiftly and efficiently by delivering state-of-the-art computer hardware solutions supported by unparalleled service and assistance.


We eye to lead the Middle East's computer hardware solutions market and be known for our dedication to excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction.


Our goal is to enable our clients to reach their objectives quickly and successfully by providing them with cutting-edge computer hardware solutions supported by unmatched service and support.